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Consumers Energy Karn $6,500,000
air quality control system mechanical installation
Installation of 8 utility mains ranging in size from 6 ft to 12 ft pipe on 700 ft of new truss connecting several buildings through-out Consumer’s Bay City complex.
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Installation of 3,218 different instrumentation devices through-out the complex. Installation of 8,000 ft of 2” and under stainless steel piping, including generating all installation drawings from the P&ID drawings. The majority of the large piping was lifted to elevations ranging from 60 ft to 250 ft. Every individual weld on this project was entered into a detailed weld map with each welder’s certification number.

The bulk of the high work was installed during December and January. The frigid temperatures and high winter winds caused multiple shutdowns and delays. With careful planning and precision engineering, we successfully completed the project on time and with zero injuries.