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With advanced technology and experienced installers and managers of solar plants throughtout North America, Conti has quickly become one of the nation's leaders in renewable energy installations. This combination of talent and technology allows us to execute small projects to mega plants in any area in little time.
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Over 1 gwdc installed and counting! Renewable 1
Conti Corporation is committed to the advancement of renewable energy design and implementation. We work with renewable energy developers and integrators to optimize designs to achieve low-cost, dependable energy without compromising safety, quality or schedule. We believe that precise planning, procurement, and commissioning are critical to the quality and safe installation of each project and therefore begin each task with a thorough review process involving:
  • Pre-construction system feasibility and budget studies
  • Project site analysis
  • Power consumption analysis and renewable energy output calculations
Our efficiency not only makes us competitive all over North America, but also reduces the overall installation schedule, allowing our customers to produce green energy faster.
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