Road + Underground
To develop a solid infrastructure, one must build from the ground up. Often times, securing this foundation also involves going underground.
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Conti’s road and underground division works with private developers, general contractors, municipalities and the federal government to perform the full scope of underground utility services. From trenching to large-scale boring, we have the talent and equipment to perform any earth-moving task.

Additionally, our road and signalization specialists are adept in designing, installing and programming the most complex traffic signalization systems. We erect signage, lights, toll booths, overhead utilities, gantries and all other varieties of roadway systems. Our crews work day and night, safely and efficiently to complete our work in strict accordance with local ordinances and all applicable DOT regulations.

Our highly skilled team of experienced tradespeople will safely handle each job from conception to completion. Under the leadership of a dedicated project manager who oversees the entire process and plays a role in each stage of design and implementation, Conti provides customized, timely solutions to any challenges that may arise during the planning and construction phases.
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